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Zinc Supplements During Pregnancy May Counteract Damage From Early Alcohol Exposure

“Fetal zinc deficiency may explain some of the birth defects and neurodevelopmental abnormalities associated with alcohol exposure. New rodent findings are the first to show that dietary zinc supplements throughout pregnancy can reduce some alcohol-related birth defects.” read more…


Zinc and Pregnancy

Function in Pregnancy: Used in more body functions than any other mineral, zinc is very important during pregnancy. Zinc is used in making DNA, for normal growth and development of the sex organs and for maintaining virtually all body tissues, and it boosts the immune system and speeds wound healing. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans are deficient in zinc – one study found that 75%of people consumed less that their RDA.

Symptoms of deficiency: Prolonged would healing, irregular periods, cataracts, acne, white spots in the finger nails, heightened allergic responses, itchy or rashy dry skin, diminished sense of taste or appetite

Effects of deficiency on mother and baby: Stretch marks, retarded growth, delayed sexual maturity, diabetes, central nervous system damage to fetus, future infertility in baby. Children with Zinc deficiency show poor appetite and decreased sexual development. Dwarfism and complete lack of sexual function may occur with severe deficiency.

Sources (each choice provides  100% of your daily zinc):

• 2 medium oysters

The following each provide 25% of your daily zinc, choose four:

• 2 cups of cooked whole grains, such as brown rice, oatmeal or quinoa
• 2 cups cooked beans, any type
• 4 ounces beef or lamb
• 4 ounces liver
• 1 cup nuts, such as almonds, walnuts or pistachios
• 1/2 cup seeds, such as sesame, sunflower or pumpkin
• 18 clams
• 3 oz crab